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While some businesses are set in their ways, making it difficult for them to adjust to their clients’ changing needs, Royal Solutions Group LLC stays flexible so it can customize any of its products for its customers, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer Rafal Pisarski says.
“Our CEO and partners are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, get involved and demonstrate our agility to offer a custom set of solutions, which other firms cannot handle while still maintaining high quality,” he says. “We are there to create value in the client’s unique environment and to help them achieve their goals.”
Based in New York City, Royal provides software to its clients nationwide in the healthcare industry, who include general practitioners, radiology centers and hospitals. The company started operations in 2008 and today, its offerings include patient registration portals, electronic forms for order management, automated patient reminders and notifications, and its Report Guard software, which can securely connect with any information systems and allow them to work together and securely exchange the right information.
Building Relationships
Pisarski says Royal’s entire staff focuses on communicating with clients at all levels to meet their individual challenges. “That really speaks to how successful our solutions are,” he says. “We’re able to go in and create value at every level of business with which we interface.”
In one example, Royal has provided radiology centers with Royal Kiosks software that enables them to better serve a patient base that speaks many different languages either while onsite or remotely. The software decreases patient intake time, eliminates data entry and cuts down on paperwork that would otherwise occupy the front desk.
Royal’s products also serve a range of client budgets. “We have solutions ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars,” he says. “We’re not looking to sell huge expensive systems; we’re looking to create tangible value by solving business challenges and building strong relationships. We focus on becoming a trusted partner rather than just a technology vendor.”
Connecting the Dots
Royal also helps its clients with existing systems that are not optimized for their specific environment. “We’re able to walk up to a client who is unhappy with their current systems’ limitations and say, ‘Let’s make it work,’” Pisarski explains.
In this way, Royal can save customers 20 to 30 percent in overhead costs by bridging together information from existing systems. “We can often eliminate the limitations of any single system and help clients avoid buying an entirely new solution or paying a premium for enhancements,” Pisarski says.
For example, the company’s Royal Letters is a service that delivers encrypted emails to patients and providers, and can be plugged into almost any existing system or workflow due to its file reading capabilities. “Sometimes, when our clients think they need to purchase a brand new system to be able to deliver encrypted emails, we are able to step up and say, ‘Drop the files into a folder and let Royal Letters do the rest,’” he says.
Although this process does not always result in sales of the primary suite of software solutions, it does create loyalty among clients who saw Royal solve a problem for them in a very innovative way and at a fraction of the cost. “We just tweak their existing systems,” Pisarski says. “We fill in the gaps that currently exist by better defining how their information moves.”
One common challenge Royal has solved for radiology center clients is the integration of diagnostic and imaging systems, which are often designed to operate separately. “We know how to connect the two dots,” he explains. “This is probably one of the more valuable [services] we provide.
“Through Royal’s propriety HIE software, we have the ability to connect between two or more different streams of data,” Pisarski continues. “This information is essential in providing a proper diagnosis, healthcare decision or a more complete understanding of the patient; whether it is exam results and images, or orders and patient demographics, we can achieve the end solution quickly, with minimal upfront costs.
“Connectivity and integration are core to our philosophy,” he adds. “While we have many products and services, this capability is fundamental to our strategy.”
Up to the Task
Royal’s most valuable assets, Pisarski says, are its employees. “We have a staff that’s able to handle any call from any client,” he says, noting that the company focuses on hiring a foundation of associates who are motivated to learn and grow within the industry.
“That is – from a business perspective – a long-term investment,” he admits. “You are hiring individuals who are dedicated to the success of the firm and its services.”
This approach allows Royal to train its new hires about the company’s culture and prepares them as consultants, to deliver optimal solutions to clients. After all, he explains, technology is just an enabler to the business processes that make up operations, and being able to create efficiencies in both areas is a key advantage.
So far, he says, the approach is working, “Our employees, after being exposed to our training and culture, are exactly what we need; they become the whole package,” Pisarski says.
“I’m very proud to say we have a talented staff of developers,” he says. “The feedback we get from customers is ‘I can’t believe you guys are that much different than the other vendors that I deal with.’”
Some of the most frequent comments tend to be related to how responsive and reliable Royal’s staff is, as they work towards new, nimble solutions and delivering big results quickly. “Often the turnaround time and responsiveness is much faster than what our clients are used to,” he adds.
Pisarski adds that the firm’s collaborative culture allows all employees to have a say in its operations. “When you have everyone involved in a discussion, you get to bounce ideas off one another and get different points of view that can allow you to change gears rapidly and really deliver the best solution possible,” he says.
The Connectivity Partner
“From my perspective, I’d like to see us [grow] the ease of accessibility to relevant, important information through our products and solutions,” Pisarski says. “We are essentially becoming a connectivity partner for the entire healthcare industry.”
The company’s customized approach to solutions will keep it strong in a competitive market. While the software is hosted and managed centrally allowing for a lower cost structure, it can still be tailored to each client’s needs.
Being able to offer connectivity, interoperability and reliable systems are some of the most important factors to success in this market. “Getting the information securely to the right places is something we pride ourselves on,” he says. “It’s one of the most important things for a company that sells e-health solutions. It’s about determining the best way to manage the information that is available across all technology systems.
“So when a provider or facility’s expensive systems are not doing everything they hoped for,” Pisarski says, “maybe it’s time for the Royal Treatment.”

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