B. Braun Medical Inc.

B. Braun Medical Inc.’s goal is to help healthcare providers enhance safety and improve patient care while managing workflow efficiencies. B. Braun is a leader in infusion therapy and the market leader in regional anesthesia. The company offers products and services known for safety, sustainability, efficiency and high-quality standards.

“The products manufactured and services offered today are the focus of our business for years to come,” says Corporate Vice President Scott Quilty. “As we invest in incremental capacity and innovation, we believe we know precisely where to concentrate our capital to meet our customer’s needs. This focused investment will contribute, in a very important way, to our continued success in the U.S. and beyond.”

B. Braun Medical Inc. is part of the B. Braun Group of Companies, which is ranked as the 13th largest global medical device manufacturer. The group employs more than 54,000 employees worldwide in more than 60 countries. The B. Braun Group of Companies in the United States includes B. Braun Medical Inc.; B. Braun Interventional Systems Inc., which markets, distributes and sells cardiovascular/interventional products; Aesculap Inc. and Aesculap Implant Systems Inc., which market, distribute and sell surgical instruments and implants with domestic offices in Center Valley, Pa.; and Central Admixture Pharmacy Services, Inc. (CAPS), which is the nation’s largest network of outsourcing admixture pharmacies. 

Taking the Initiative

A significant area of investment for B. Braun has been in IV solutions, a product that is consumed regularly across the nation’s acute and non-acute healthcare facilities. It has invested heavily in environment-friendly and patient-centered containers that are not made with PVC or DEHP. The company has expanded the output of its Excel IV solution line at its Irvine, Calif. location while also introducing E3, the latest advancement in IV container technology in the U.S. in more than 25 years. And, most recently, B. Braun has acquired an additional manufacturing facility where it plans to manufacture IV solutions and related products.  

“With that investment, we will expand our footprint within the United States while addressing the needs most important to our customers,” Quilty says. “Our investments are geared toward addressing shortcomings in the marketplace while emphasizing the products most synonymous with the B. Braun name. As a privately held, family-owned company, we make these decisions with a long-range vision focused intently on the needs of our customers and patients.”

The organization’s approach with its Enterprise Initiatives offering has been critical, consolidating the broad portfolio of products and services from B. Braun, Aesculap and CAPS. It brings B. Braun’s assets together to effectively address client needs through a customized value approach. Enterprise Initiatives provides a single point of contact to represent all affiliated companies and product offerings located in the U.S. Collaboration with the Enterprise Initiatives team adds value for customers, but it is only able to happen through internal transparency and coordination.

“It was important to modify our view of the marketplace and organize ourselves appropriately,” Quilty says. “Providing one point of contact for customers allows them to easily navigate the products and services we offer. We are structured to work across organizational lines in an effort to deliver the best results for those customers who recognize value in this approach. We coordinate and prepare across organizations for the opportunity to present to our combined customer. With that preparation comes great customer value, quantified through B. Braun’s Financial Safety Analysis, which has fueled the growth of Enterprise Initiatives.”

A roadmap given to clients to outline opportunities and achieve savings, the Financial Safety Analysis document takes months of preparation. Customer time is limited, and B. Braun must be completely prepared to provide relevant information that has been vetted properly.

“We have to be able to execute on the ideas we generate,” Quilty says. “Our Enterprise efforts enhance cooperation across our organizations while placing the customer, rightfully so, at the center of the game plan. Enterprise Initiatives has provided great results, allowing us to target our customers’ most important needs.”  

As B. Braun identifies areas to collaborate, it then works with customers on targeted areas to demonstrate and prove success. From there, it utilizes quarterly progress reports, with customer feedback, to continue to refine its efforts. 

“We are not asking customers to make a broad commitment across multiple categories,” Quilty says. “Once establishing success and before moving to the next initiative, direct input from the customer verifies that we are aligned and solving their issues.”

Long-Term Outlook

Environmental responsibility is also important to B. Braun. The company manufactures a broad line of products that are not made with PVC or DEHP, using processes and machinery that conserve energy and natural resources. 

Additionally, its Irvine facility has won a WRAP award for waste reduction efforts 15 times, and its Pennsylvania and California facilities have achieved land-fill free status as all manufacturing related waste generated from routine manufacturing operations is reused, recycled or converted to energy. Between the Pennsylvania and California landfill-free sites, it is projected that more than 5,600 metric tons of waste will be recycled or converted into renewable energy each year. This will reduce approximately 12,100 metric tons of harmful carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. 

In the end, B. Braun is committed to eliminating preventable treatment errors and enhancing patient, clinician and environmental safety with products, services and education focused on sharing best clinical practices. B. Braun’s technologies are designed to ensure patients get the correct medication in the correct dosage while also helping to reduce infections. The company has also developed the industry’s leading passive safety IV catheter. 

Moving forward, B. Braun will continue to strive to understand the challenges customers face while ensuring it invests in the capacity the market demands. Many IDNs have executed Enterprise Initiative agreements with B. Braun, and the company feels that providing this value for its customers will help the company improve its position substantially over the next decade. 

“Enterprise Initiatives, with the customer as our centerpiece, will lead to long-term success and sustainable growth,” Quilty says. “We complement that customer-centered approach with our long-term commitment to the industry. Our investments reflect that commitment while providing a strong foundation for the future.” 

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