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For more than 50 years, NXC Imaging has served the radiology and cardiology communities with a mission to improve people’s lives by providing exceptional technology solutions and best-in-class support. The company is undergoing a significant transformation as it moves into the next stage of preparing its customers to be fully digital among different healthcare entities versus just internally.
A CD is still the primary media that is used to transfer images from one place to another, and usually the patient is the courier. However, Raleigh, N.C.-based Medicom was founded four years ago to improve patient outcomes by bridging the gap between medicine and communications technology.
“If physicians and patients have access to images and patient information at all points of care – not just at the place you had a mammogram or CT – it will reduce unnecessary imaging, which reduces cost, radiation and readmissions,” NXC Imaging CEO Bruce Zeilinger explains. “This will help reduce the astronomical cost of healthcare which exceeds $3 trillion in the United States with $1 trillion of that estimated to be waste. We are doing our part to bring down the cost of healthcare by making images accessible at all points of care.”
Medicom’s Imagex is the elegant, three-in-one image transfer solution that allows for the transfer of original quality images to healthcare groups, referring physicians and patients with ease. Medicom eliminates the hassle of CDs, VPNs and the cloud. “Our mission is to simplify the exchange of patient data for patients and providers and improve the continuity of care for patients, while reducing cost for providers,” Medicom says.
Reputable Partner
NXC Imaging has specialized in providing the healthcare industry with medical imaging equipment like CT, MRI, mammography and ultrasound for the past five decades. The company has 80 percent of the market share in 3-D mammography. For 30 years, NXC Imaging has represented Canon’s CT systems and has been No. 1 in portions of their market over the past decade; has an exclusive partnership with Hologic, which specializes in women’s health, breast biopsy and 3-D mammography equipment; and Carestream Health digital X-Ray and portable imaging. “Those relationships are the reason Medicom came to us,” Zeilinger says.
NXC Imaging infoMedicom surveyed hospitals in the Midwest to learn who they trusted and wanted to work with to buy imaging equipment. NXC Imaging was named the most because the company is known for its excellent customer service and relationship-based business model. “Medicom got to know our organization from the top down and was very impressed with our relationships with our customers. This will open the door for Medicom in radiology and IT because the imaging sharing problem is a big pain point for radiology, cardiology and oncology departments, and is something IT has to fix,” Zeilinger says. “In about six months, we identified over $50 million in revenue opportunity. These are three- to five-year contracts, so that’s cumulative.”
NXC Imaging has reached out to potential dealer partners to inform them Medicom’s Imagex is something they should be looking at to solve a problem created as the images are more difficult to access “3-D mammography is an amazing technology where image quality is spectacular, however there is now much more data. A 3-D mammography study is approximately 10 GB, which is 1,000 times more than 2-D mammography. When you start stacking up that data over three to five years for prior images, that’s why the system gets clogged up, it’s expensive and the cloud only stores data for 30 days,” Zeilinger explains. “Mammography and CT has been integral to our business, and for hospitals in general, reimbursements are going down and they are barely making a profit. Imagex will reduce expenses.”
Medicom’s encrypted technology is different than what is being used by other companies that are considered to be competitors who use the cloud for image sharing. Instead of sending it to the cloud and having it stored, it’s encrypted as soon as the images are sent. “It’s a subscription model for software. What we have is a hub and spoke model – the hospital that wants to have image sharing with referring sites will sign an agreement with them and the software is free for the sites who will do the sharing versus the primary hospital,” Zeilinger says. “This can save providers half or more of what they’re spending burning the patient’s images to CDs and using VPNs to transmit images.”
Early Adopters
Mayo Clinic was added to the Medicom network in May, including its locations in Rochester, Minn., Scottsdale, Ariz., and Jacksonville, Fla. Medicom is the only U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense qualified image sharing company. “The VA and DOD hospitals are very stringent and cybersecurity is very important, so to earn that qualification, you have something special, valid and approved,” Zeilinger says. “Over 50 percent of the VA sites in the U.S. are very interested in the Medicom solution and the list of installed government sites is quickly growing.”
There are already 250 healthcare systems on the Medicom network. In the last nine months, NXC Imaging has engaged with an additional 60 healthcare systems and that number continues to grow rapidly. The company is in final negotiations with the largest rural healthcare system in the country with a network of over 40 hospitals.
Leaving a Legacy
For the third year in a row, Zeilinger was named a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 award. The award highlights entrepreneurs who are focused on innovation, growth, revenue and giving back to the community. “This is the third year I’ve interviewed for the EY award, and in the past, I can say I did well on one thing or the other, but this time it is evident that the judges recognized that our future is very bright,” he says. “In part, because of the Medicom piece. One of the salespeople on my team said this will be my legacy. He can see the passion and energy I have. This partnership rejuvenated me.”
NXC Imaging 1As NXC Imaging begins to ramp up for its partnership with Medicom, Zeilinger says the most important thing to him was maintaining the company’s Top Workplace in Minnesota designation it has received for the past six years. “We want to maintain our Top Workplace status and when I hired an HR director, I didn’t want the employees to be afraid of HR, but rather see them as an advocate to take care of them and their benefits,” he notes.
NXC Imaging currently employs about 100 people and estimates needing to add up to 20 more employees. “We are not going to have to go from 100 to 1,000 with this partnership,” Zeilinger says. “That’s why we are leveraging similar companies that promote long-lasting relationships with customers and vendors and bring them on without hiring a significant number of employees. I like the model a lot because it’s low risk with a potentially high reward.”
Moving forward, NXC Imaging and Medicom will continue to add healthcare systems throughout the country into its network with the goal of reducing healthcare costs. “The founders of Medicom are brilliant and terrifically customer-focused,” Zeilinger notes. “Technology wise, it’s Mark Zuckerberg-level in terms of how impressive they are and they partnered with us. We need their technology and they need our relationships.” +

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