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The vibrant, greater Nashville region has grown exponentially with more than 1.9 million residents in 2019 and growth projections indicating an additional one million residents by 2035. The famed music scene is a big draw, but so is the cost of living, quality of life and business opportunities. Nashville is also home to Symmetry Surgical, a dynamic company with a significant global position that is growing rapidly alongside its bustling hometown.
Symmetry Surgical is dedicated to developing and delivering high-quality surgical instrumentation and electrosurgery products for minimally invasive and open surgery to healthcare providers around the world. The company has a portfolio of more than 25,000 single-use, limited-use and reusable products used in every surgical specialty in hospitals, surgery centers and physician offices worldwide.
“Above all, Symmetry teammates are focused on our customers’ needs,” President and CEO Brian Straeb explains. “We know best-in-class product quality, reliability and overall value are essential to being competitive in this market. And while we deliver those things, we are also focusing intensely on solutions we can build around the portfolio to help our customers address challenges with inventory management, utilization and compliance. In the end, internal focus is necessary to achieve excellent business results, but it’s our customer who will ultimately determine if we are truly adding value.”
Strengthened Leadership and Customer Focus
Since arriving at Symmetry Surgical in June 2018, Straeb has bolstered Symmetry’s management team with medical device veterans from Symmetry Surgical infoglobal public and privately held companies both large and small. Most of the team now live in the Nashville area, adding to the 100 people moving to the city daily. Straeb says the combination of fresh perspectives with the strength of the legacy leadership team results in improved strategic and tactical execution, which ultimately enhances performance by focusing on customers and the markets Symmetry serves.
“With our new management team in place, we’ve set out to integrate our mission of Elevating Surgery for Life into our company culture and our customer-facing operations,” Straeb says. “We believe in empowering our teammates to make decisions as close to our customers and business partners as possible. This enables us to move more quickly and with a focus on improving the lives of our customers and the patients they serve. It’s a message of empowerment and trust.”
Innovative Legacy
At the same time, Symmetry improved its market position with the acquisition of Bovie Medical’s electrosurgical business in August of last year, adding the well-known products to its Olsen® bipolar energy line to create the market’s largest electrosurgical portfolio. The Bovie® business joins the ranks of other well-regarded Symmetry brands such as Bookwalter®, Greenberg®, Classic® and Classic Plus®, Flash Pak®, MicroSect®, Rhoton® Titanium Micro Instruments and RapidClean®.
“We are known for quality, craftsmanship and a history of innovation,” Straeb says. “People recognize these brands and their rich histories. For example, the Bovie brand is known as a pioneer in the industry, and the Bovie® name itself is synonymous with electrosurgery. We seek to acquire strong brands with legacies of quality and craftsmanship similar to the brands in our portfolio.”
  The company maintains close ties with the surgical industry, working with opinion leaders and well-known surgeons to advance its R&D efforts. With the right portfolio, Symmetry expects to further meet clinician needs and create sustainable organic growth within the global acute-care and non-acute-care markets.
“Looking forward, we are focused on developing and providing solutions that will meet a wide breadth of complex OR challenges,” Straeb says. “The best solution may not always be a new medical device.
“We’re partnering with our customers to improve processes within the operating room. We pride ourselves on understanding current and future challenges and are positioning the company to play a vital role in every surgical procedure worldwide.”

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